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DG is an abbreviation for "DESI GALLI". Desi is a Hindustani term for the people, cultures, and product/services of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia derived from Sanskrit it Mean’s "one from our country". Galli symbolizes an ‘Alley’ or ‘Street. Pantry literally means a small room or large cupboard in a house where food is kept. So, DG PANTRY signifies to be a storehouse of the INDIAN STREET FOODS and that is what we're all about!!!


DG PANTRY has partnered with SOUTH ASIAN minority women to create fun, easy & delicious recipes to be done at home! All Meal kits are shared with ready to cook ingredients, individually portioned and packaged. Now shipping nationwide to 48 states! Thus far, we’ve had great success and have partnered with influencers and celebrity Chefs nationwide such as MILK & CARDAMOM, CHEF PRIYANKA, CHEF PALAK as well LOVE LAUGH MIRCH to name a few. Stay tuned, more is to come!!!


Owner PriaVanda Chouhan and her Husband created their restaurant to satisfy the Desi (Indian sub-continent diaspora) hankering for INDIAN SOUL FOOD. Though her father warned her husband-to-be that she couldn’t cook, PriaVanda soon taught herself to make not only her mother’s recipes but also her husband’s family favorites. Inspired by Rachael Ray’s fast and easy methods for putting dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, she turned her home kitchen into a test kitchen, mastering a multitude of Indian recipes every day, and also developing her own personal style of lighter, healthier, vegan and gluten-fee cooking without sacrificing flavor.

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