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  • Serves 4-6. Only $6.67/serving
    Medium to Mild Spice Level.

    "Surprisingly enough, for a North Indian family, we consumed ridiculous amounts of seafood growing up. From deftly spiced rohu (green carp) fish curries to deep fried pomfrets to steamed sea bass to kababs and cutlets made with fresh water prawns, the seafood recipes section of my family repertoire is quite robust. These jhinga(shrimp) kababs are really easy to make, they stretch the pricey shrimp to feed a crowd and are perfect for a family cookout night. While someone can mix up the ingredients, a few others can shape the kababs and the rest can fry them up. Everything comes together quickly. I love feeding these kababs to my kids who happen to have inherited my seafood love. The balance of sweet & meaty shrimp with peppery ginger and indian spices makes them pleasing to any palate" -Tanvi

    Ingredients Included:
    1 1b of Shrimp
    1 Spice Blend by SinfullySpicy
    1 Chaat Masala by DG Pantry
    1 Panko by DG Pantry
    1 Potato
    4 Thai Green Chillies
    1 Lemon
    1 Cilantro
    1 Onion
    1 Ginger Garlic by Desi Galli
    1 Mint Cilantro Chutney by Desi Galli
    1 Mumbai Pav by KCB

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