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One-time purchase
Quarterly Purchase
$54.99every 3 months until canceled
Monthly Purchase
$49.99every month until canceled
Weekly Purchase
$44.99every week until canceled
  • Serves 4-6. Only $6.67/serving
    Medium to Mild Spice Level.
    Halal and Gluten Free.

    "Sumac Chicken Skewers is the perfect dish for the grilling season. Our family loves grilled food; chicken and vegetables, in particular, are a big favorite. This is a beautiful combination of quick and easy, and delicious at the same time. Sumac is our recent favorite spice at home. We love it for its versatility and that fruity tang. It goes so well with chicken and vegetables. Skewered chicken becomes tempting and attractive for the kids as well and this dish is a savior for those busy days, as well on days you may want to celebrate with family. I like to introduce fun foods for my family every now and then, and this one hits the spot." -Neha Pradhan

    1 Spice Blend by My Masala Box
    1 Ginger Garlic Paste by Desi Galli
    1.5 lbs Chicken Breast
    1 Red Bell Pepper
    1 Green Bell Pepper
    1 Zucchini
    1 Cilantro
    2 Lemons
    1 Heavy Cream
    1 Yogurt
    1 White Quinoa by DG Pantry
    8 Bamboo Skewers

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