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How To Celebrate Diwali at Home


Diwali is considered to be a Festival of Lights that exterminates all the shadow and desperation of the world. Peoples celebrate differently in different places accordingly, but the common thing in all the different rituals is maybe the unity in diversity.

In West Bengal and eastern India peoples celebrate Diwali to welcome the arrival of Ma Kali, the epitome(avatar) of goddess Durga. Another variant of kali puja in west Bengal is puja by Agambagish which means the most respected Tantriks or priests of Maa Kali, perform a dangerous and sacred ritual before worshipping the Goddess to appease her.

The Sindhis celebrate Diwali with a different name and different customs and rituals. Sindhis do puja of maa Lakshmi on Diwali. They wash gold and silver coins in milk before worshipping the Goddess. Once the puja is done, they tap the coin against their teeth and chant the idiom - "Lakshmi aayi, danat vaai", which means Lakshmi arrived, poverty went away.

Bali pratipada is a custom that is celebrated throughout North India on the third day of Diwali. According to Hindu mythology, this day marks the one-day return of the demon king, Bali. Lord Vishnu had a rebirth as his fifth epitome (avatar) Vamana and banished Bali to 'patal loka' or the nether world.

In Nepal, they celebrate Diwali in the name of TIHAR. They too worship Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali. The festival continues for five days in Nepal. Each day is dedicated to a particular liturgy.

In many other countries, Diwali is celebrated as a national festival, as thousands of Indians have been staying outside of India.

How To Celebrate

Buck up Your Mood

The most important thing in the whole world is to cheer up your mood before celebrating anything. You might not be at home to celebrate with your family. But you can always follow the same rituals or traditions which you grow up with. Just gear yourself up and get ready for making your blast.

Cleaning and Have a Good Tidy Environment

You can always start preparing for Diwali by cleaning your house first. Clean all your furniture, do dusting, do laundry. Not only your house if didn’t get time to do a haircut or to take a spa just take some time for your own and hog onto the parlor. Remember one thing cleaning means not only your house cleaning but also to give yourself a clean feel. In all the rat race always remember everyone should take some time for themselves not at the last resort as sick but as a choice to prioritize yourself.

Decorate Your House

We know colors play an indispensable role in the world we live in. It is a source of pleasure to everybody. Fill your home with lots and lots of colorful lights. You can make a particular theme for your home like if you are decorating with wooden stuff the matches your bed cover, pillow cover with it.


Shopping is not only confined to buying new clothes but also to things that will be required for worshiping Gods. But we have to remember one thing in this situation wasting money is like jumping on the fire. Do not buy anything unnecessary which you don’t need. Make a list first especially a list of items that you will need for Pooja. Then buy them in advance. shopping is not only confined to buying new clothes but also to things that will be required for worshiping Gods. Then buy clothes if needed, especially try to spread love give them who doesn’t have.

Concluding-up of Pending Works

Do not bomber yourself with your work. Work can be anything from small to tedious tasks, start it now and finish it before the festival begins. It can be anything your official work, house cleaning, laundry even cleaning your vehicle. Since it is the right time to do such tasks, why not begin now.


It is the time to talk about the most and most important part of Diwali. One wouldn't be celebrating Diwali without having sweet dishes. Indian sweets come in a variety of shapes, flavors, and names. Trust me if you are not an Indian you surely can’t get the flavor of kajukatli and rashamalai. In Indian traditionally we called sweet “Mithai”. It is an old ritual of considering sweets to be pure and an offering to the gods. “Laddu”, “Namkin”, “Halwa” are the most common things you will get when you visit someone's place during Diwali. Around 15 to 20 days ago our mother, grandmother start making all-important Diwali Snacks. During Diwali especially people eat vegetarian food like Rajma chawal, Matar panner, Kulcha, Dudhi ki Tikki.

Ohh yeah, one thing just flashed back in than rajma chawal is very usual in our home to do try Rajma Sloppy Joes then let me know you liked it or not. Also, there are so many vegetarian items in our hands just choose and make it.

If you think these 5 days are also holidays from your kitchen just hog onto DGPANTRY and order what you need. Try Desipoutine it is fully vegetarian, gluten-free, Halal. If you want some hit on your head try the Schezwan Panner Noodles. But always remember do not waste food. Respect food, it connects us all.

May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity and this Diwali illuminates your life with colors. As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here's hoping this festival of beauty brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment, that stay with you through the days ahead. Wishing the goodness of this festive season dwells within you and stays throughout the year.

Happy Safe Diwali from Dg Pantry!

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